Our Headliners

We're not sure how we've been so lucky as to get some of the funniest people in the world to headline our show, but we suspect witchcraft of some sort. We're still working on building an audience, but each of our headliners have taken the stage with gracious enthusiasm. We are proud of our headliners, not just as world-renowned, hilarious comics, but as decent, generous, and humble human beings. We feel honored to have met and worked with each and every one of them, and would have any/all of them back in a heartbeat.

jackie-kashianJACKIE KASHIAN [website] [twitter] [facebook]
March 31st Show
Everything that comes out of Jackie Kashian’s mouth is as funny as it is true. She killed it on our March 31st show, talking about her terrible, hilarious parents, how she got the reputation as the spooky reading girl, and how to deal with Facebook reunions. Jackie is arguably the funniest human being living today, and we were honored and thrilled to have her do our show. The only bummer was that the show had to end, at some point — way too soon as far as we were concerned.

carlos-alazraquiCARLOS ALARAQUI [website] [twitter] [facebook]
March 5th Show
Carlos Alazraqui shared tongue-in-cheek, behind-the-scenes stories about the glamour of being the voice of the Taco Bell dog and how great it is to be mistaken for Tom Lennon because they both star on Reno911. He also balanced strings of wacky characters and voices with down-to-earth stories about what it’s like to be married and a father in a way that only Carlos Alazraqui can do. Carlos was incredibly humble and super fun to work with. His love of comedy shines through in conversation and when he’s performing.

LAURIE KILMARTIN [website] [twitter] [facebook]
February 5th Show
Laurie Kilmartin is widely known as one of the coolest, funniest performers in L.A. She murders on stage every time she appears, and our show was no exception. 99% Funnies is a show with a political bent, and Laurie tackled the news stories of the day and then segued into personal jokes about her family, and including her famously dead father. She wrangles the tough subject into a mix of gritty-yet-whimsical jokes with a deftness and vulnerability that is breathtaking.

BOBBIE OLIVER [website] [twitter]
February 5th Show
Bobbie is a force, on stage and off. She tears into racism, feminism, age-ism — all of the best isms society has to offer — and she does so bluntly and unapologetically, but carries it off with charisma, charm, and a perspective as unique as you’d hope for from comic with a trailer park background who has two BAs, is a published author, and owns a comedy studio. Bobbie was our first headliner, and although we were already fans, we were blown away, as always, by her sharp and hilarious observations about life and human nature.

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