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The original idea behind booking our features was to be able to take talented unknowns and put them on the same stage with our hosts and regulars who are all headliners, and we've done that, but along the way, we've managed to pick up some features who are full-on headliners as well. Putting together this page is like putting together a Dream Team of comedians, except they've all already done our show.

adams-kristalKRISTAL ADAMS facebook fan page website
May 14th
Kristal’s comedy blends pure silliness with common sense. Between performing and producing her own show “Treat Yo’self”, we felt incredibly fortunate to welcome her to the show, and she did a great job.

greenberg-danDAN GREENBERG no facebook fan page no website
March 31st
Dan is a ball of sad-sacky adorableness. His jokes were tight one-liners, delivered in a sleepy, unassuming style that charmed the us all into forgetting that we were watching a performance.

foster-justinJUSTIN FOSTER youtube facebook twitter website
March 5th
Justin is a 99% Funnies favorite. A headliner who happens to be a friend of the show, Justin hit us hard and fast with a string of daaaark stories that we’re not sure we were allowed to laugh at until we already were.

gelbart-michaelMICHAEL GELBART
May 14th
Michael Gelbart is another headliner who decided to bless our little show. He came in to work on some material for his new special, but he still managed to play with the audience a bit. Michael is truly one of the funnies comics working today.

haptas-bethanyBETHANY HAPTASno youtubeno facebookno twitterno website
May 14th
Bethany has OCD. She started doing stand-up a few months ago at the suggestion of her therapist. Bethany’s act is a dark but fun ride through the frustrations, expectations, and triumphs of a person dealing with OCD.

harewood-oliviaOLIVIA HAREWOOD youtube facebook twitter website
March 31st
Deceptively unassuming, Olivia’s infectiously bubbly personality added a conversational style to tightly-written jokes. Her punchlines were as surprising and delightful as they were common-sensical.

hong-helenHELEN HONG youtube facebook twitter website
February 5th
Another headliner who was kind enough to feature on our little show, Helen brought her unique likability and light-hearted take on her Korean heritage to our stage.

jolly-jenniferJENNIFER JOLLY no youtube channel no facebook fan page twitter no website
February 5th
Jennifer is a newer comic who already specializes in political humor, and brought her sharp, feminist, humanist observations to our show. We were happy to have her.

lawrence-candyCANDY LAWRENCE youtube facebook twitter website
May 14th
Candy Lawrence brought her whimsical, stream-of-conscious-like comedy out for us. Candy is fun to watch and infinitely quotable. We spent the rest of the week in the office calling back her jokes.

teemant-mihkelMIHKEL TEEMANT youtube facebook twitter website
January 8th
Mikhel Teemant is our sound producer for the podcast and our social media guru. He did a great job performing on our very first show. He presented fun, observational material with a laid-back style.

villasenor-melissaMELISSA VILLASENOR youtube facebook twitter website
March 5th
Melissa Villasenor was silly, lovable addition to our show. We loved her incredibly unique point-of-view. As always, her impressions didn’t stand alone, but were anchored in personal observations and experience.

white-shondaliaSHONDALIA WHITE youtube facebook twitter website
March 31st
Shondalia was an energetic, enthusiastic addition to our show. She used her infectious smile to soften her observations about interracial dating and played with stereotypes. She was super fun to watch.
RAMY YOUSSEF youtube facebook twitter website
February 5th
Ramy has an almost unbelievable level of likability. He fearlessly tackled racism and other hot-button issues. He brought the natural authority that comes from speaking with passion without sacrificing optimism and whimsy.


Surprise Guests
Brian Kiley -Jan 8th
Troy Conrad – Feb 5th
Maronzio Vance – March 5th
Bill Dwyer – March 31st
Sven Amsterdam – May 14th
Tracey Ashley – May 14th

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