Our Hosts & Regulars

dave-reinitzDave Reinitz

Dave has been performing as a professional stand-up comedian for over 10 years. He has worked as an emcee, feature, and headliner for clubs, corporate events, and colleges all over the country. He is also the Co-Executive Producer of H2F Comedy Productions Inc, a comedy management and development company that produces such shows as Uncle Clyde’s Comedy Contest and Survival of the Funniest.

He co-hosts the 99% Funnies Podcast, usually with Dana Eagle, where Dave provides conspiracy theories and plays cheerleader for the human race. He also emcees the 99% Funnies Comedy Show that takes place at Flappers in Burbank the second Thursday of every month.

dana-eagle Dana Eagle

Dana Eagle has appeared on Last Comic Standing,  The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson, Comedy Central, and Comics Unleashed, where she became a contributing writer. She is a frequent opener for Bill Maher and has taken several trips overseas to perform for the troops in Iraq. Eagle’s one-woman show Stones From Glass Houses was featured at the HBO US Comedy Art Festival and its sequel Mood Disorders: A Light-Hearted Romp Through Crippling Depression premiered at the Los Angeles Theater Festival.

Dana frequently co-hosts the 99% Funnies Podcast where she halfheartedly plays the devil’s advocate for the 1% and is the cynical foil for Dave’s optimism toward the human race. She is also a featured comedian in the 99% Funnies Comedy Show that takes place at Flappers in Burbank the first Thursday of every month.

michael-raynerMichael Rayner

Michael Rayner has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, The Extreme Gong Show and Sesame Street. He is billed as a Post-Modern Vaudevillian and his act ranges from balancing things on his face to defying physics with tennis rackets to spinning a hamburger on an umbrella. The charm of his tricks, however, comes from the rapport that he builds with the audience throughout his performance.

Michael is a regular co-host for the 99% Funnies Podcast. Michael provides dry humor and a common-sensical Christian viewpoint that challenges both Dave and Dana’s devout atheism. He is also a guest-host and feature for the 99% Funnies Comedy Show that takes place at Flappers in Burbank the second Thursday of every month.

Jimmy Dore

What can we say about Jimmy Dore, other than what everyone says to us whenever we post our line-ups, which is, “Wow — how the [expletive deleted] did you [we] get Jimmy Dore?” Uhh…excess charm? Actually, I think it’s because he’s friends with Dave. And Dave is friends with us. Sooo…nepotism?

Jimmy has been a part of every single one of our line-up since we started in January, only missing one show, and he blows us away every single time he steps on stage. Not only is he hilarious, but he is a sincere guy with a biting take on politics and life.

LinkedInMeera Manek (Producer)

Some people skydive for their birthday, instead Meera tried stand-up and has been performing for the last 4 years.  She works as a speechwriter and was recently selected as a stand-up finalist at Politicon 2015. Meera is the newest member to the 99% Funnies, as producer to both the live comedy show and podcast and contributing co-host to the podcast.  The guys like it when she talks sports.


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