March 5th Show Was Amazing


The March 5th show was amazing. Our producer says it best, but keep in mind that she is an aggressively wrong, militantly ingorant hillbilly with a dirty whore mouth, so skip this post if you’re offended by strong language. We’re not sure why we keep her around, other than her undying devotion to good comedy and the fact that she does all the work:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank my friends who came out to our 99% Funnies show on March 5th. Mihkel Teemant (technically a staff member, but he bought a ticket and sat through the whole show and took pictures, so definitely won MVP Audience Member that night), Nathanael Feliciano, The Tym, Rick Garrison, Cheri Hodge, Kevin Noonan andRichard Park. Without you guys, there wouldn’t have been a show.

And I always forget to thank the superb Matt Wexler, our sound guy. I tend to control freak on him and seat everyone myself, but he does the sound and the lights and runs the show so that everyone can relax and just watch the show, and he was great as always. I love him.

Also, definitely our smallest audience so far, but oddly enough, the best show. Dave Reinitz killed it as host, and my other stars, Dana Eagle,Justin Foster, Melissa Villasenor, Michael Rayner, and our fantastic headliner, Carlos Alazraqui, and our special guest drop-in, Maronzio Vance were all beyond amazing.

Before the show, I was embarrassed because I felt like I let down my performers by failing to bring an audience out to see them — but every one of them took the show as seriously as if it were sold out arena, and brought their best material and energy to the show. I walked out of that show jazzed, because that’s what good comedy does to me, and I’m more determined than ever to get people out to these 99% Funnies shows because at the end, I only felt bad for all of the people who had missed it.

Thanks again to my performers and my audience for being so fucking awesome. I love you guys.

Now that you’ve endured that, look at some pretty pictures of our amazing performers from the March 5th show:


Stay tuned for info on our next show, which will take place on March 31st!

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