dana-eagle dave-reinitz99% Funnies is both a show and a podcast with a heart for political satire and a sincere social conscience. 100% of the proceeds from each show goes to a different micro-charity.

The 99% Funnies Podcast was started in October of 2014 and features comedians Dave Reinitz and Dana Eagle commentating on social (in)justices, sometimes with special guests Michael Rayner and Meera Manek and renowned community muralist (and Dave’s mom) Janet Braun-Reinitz.

The first 99% Funnies Comedy Show took place on January 8th, 2015 with Dave Reinitz hosting and Dana Eagle featuring along with Jimmy Dore, Brian Kiley, and Mihkel Teemant — and the show was headlined by Bobbie Oliver, comedian, author, and owner of Tao Comedy Studio in Los Angeles.

The show is pay-what-you-can for the 99% and $1500 for the 1%. Suggested donation is $10.


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