Stand-Up for Flint in Burbank & Flint

We want to help the people of Flint, MI.  Join the 99% Funnies for a comedy show in Burbank on February 23, 8pm Main Room with comedians Dave Reinitz, Michael Rayner, Shondalia White, Meera Manek, Tony Baker, with headliner Christopher Titus.  Reserve Your Guest List Tickets. To see Flint native and Comedians Michael Rayner juggle, Shondalia White, and Sara Halstead in Flint on February 27 8pm & 10pm: Click on the link to reserve tickets.

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Posted by Michael Rayner on Thursday, February 18, 2016

July 29th ~ Tracey Ashley Headlining

Dave couldn’t make July 27th, so disregard the last post. Our next show is coming up on July 29th. The spectacular Tracey Ashley is coming out to headline for us, the rest of our lineup is amazing as always, AND our charity this time is Friends & Helpers. They specialize in helping women and children coming out of abusive situations. They put together backpacks and snack bags for teenagers who have dealt with domestic abuse, and are overall fantastic. We’re super happy to have them on board.

Again, the link to the FB event is here, and direct link to $5 pre-purchased tickets is here — if you’d like to donate more than $5, you can pay more at the door or buy more than one ticket. (We don’t have a pay-what-you-can option on the website.)

June 27th!

Have not had one second to update the website, so here’s a link to our event for the next show coming up on June 27th.

We’re having 2 shows, 7:30 and 9:30. Come for the first one, stay for the second.

Elaine Boosler will be dropping by (I KNOW!!!)

The event is a fundraiser for Bernie Sanders.


May 14th Headliner and Full Line-Up


We’re pleased to announce that our headliner for May 14th is going to be Erin Foley! Erin is a stunningly accomplished comedian, writer, and actor. We’re not sure how we keep getting so lucky with our line-up. We suspect that God is not watching, otherwise, He’d put a stop to it. (He’s not a fan, according to our foul-mouthed producer.) [Click for $5 Tix]

Anyway, the rest of the line-up is awesome, as ever. Dave Reinitz is returning as our emcee, and we have some other familiar faces along with some new ones.

lawrence-candyCANDY LAWRENCE
We’re super excited to welcome Candy Lawrence to the show. We’ve been fans for a while, and we’re hoping she wears her burlap tuxedo, but even if she doesn’t, we know to expect the whimsy and energy that she brings to all of her performances.

jimmy-doreJIMMY DORE
We’re not sure how we keep getting so fortunate as to keep getting him to drop by, but we’re just going to go with it. Jimmy blows our minds every time. However, at our last show, we were concerned, that he was literally going to catch on fire.

haptas-bethanyBETHANY HAPTAS
Bethany has OCD. She started doing stand-up at the suggestion of her therapist. Bethany’s act is a dark but fun ride through the frustrations, expectations, and triumphs of a person dealing with OCD. We’re thrilled to have her on the show.

michael-raynerMICHAEL RAYNER
We. Love. Michael Rayner. He’s an amazing mix of whimsical and cranky, and his post-modern vaudvillianism is as delightful as it is unforgettable. We’re so happy to have him back for another show.


adams-kristalKRISTAL ADAMS
Kristal’s comedy blends pure silliness with common sense. She is another performer we’ve been trying to book for a while. Between performing and producing her own show “Treat Yo’self”, we feel incredibly fortunate to welcome her to the show.

gelbart-michaelMICHAEL GELBART
Michael Gelbart follows in our 99% Funnies tradition of headliners who have decided to bless our little show. Michael is one of the few comics who can truly pull off crowd work effortlessly, and make it fun for the entire audience. Whether he’s doing material or playing with the crowd, he is pure fun to watch.

The only person missing from our line-up this time is Dana Eagle, who had a scheduling conflict, but we’re looking to have her headline next time, so for those of you who miss her this time, come back and get a double dose of Dana in June.

Also, keep an eye out for Keith Kelly. He’s a local favorite we’ve been trying to book since February, but due to scheduling conflicts, hasn’t been able to make it out. We severely love him, though, and can’t wait for him to join us, hopefully in June.

May Date Announced!

Our March 31st show was amazing, as expected, with the brilliant Jackie Kashian ending our show with non-stop hilarity, but as always, Dave Reinitz, Dana Eagle, and Jimmy Dore were awesome. Michael Rayner was out sick, but we invited Bill Dwyer to step in, because why leave perfectly good headliners wandering around the halls when they’re so much more useful in front of an audience? Also killing it, we had Olivia Harewood, Shondalia White, and Dan Greenberg. That was seriously our best show to date. If you weren’t there, why weren’t you there? You missed it!

Our next show is shaping up to be fabulous as well. Save the date: May 14th, 7:30 in the Yoohoo Room at Flappers in Burbank, as always. We have our regulars stepping up again (Dave, Dana, Jimmy, Michael), and we also have two of my favorite local comedians, Kristal Adams and Keith Kelly coming on board.

We just need a headliner — and a charity. I admit, that as your favorite foul-mouthed producer, I have a tendency to procrastinate on this part because there are so many to choose from that I get overwhelmed and then pick someone at the last second, but suggestions are always welcome. As a matter of fact, 3 of our 4 recipients so far were brought to me by other people. I’m always looking for good, local micro-charities.

Kaitlyn Dobrow was the recipient of what we raised from our last show. She’s a 20-year-old girl from Huntington Beach who lost both arms and legs to meningitis. She already has prosthetic legs, and is currently raising money to buy a prosthetic arm. We raised $127 for her — and thanks again to everyone who donated.

March 5th Show Was Amazing


The March 5th show was amazing. Our producer says it best, but keep in mind that she is an aggressively wrong, militantly ingorant hillbilly with a dirty whore mouth, so skip this post if you’re offended by strong language. We’re not sure why we keep her around, other than her undying devotion to good comedy and the fact that she does all the work:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank my friends who came out to our 99% Funnies show on March 5th. Mihkel Teemant (technically a staff member, but he bought a ticket and sat through the whole show and took pictures, so definitely won MVP Audience Member that night), Nathanael Feliciano, The Tym, Rick Garrison, Cheri Hodge, Kevin Noonan andRichard Park. Without you guys, there wouldn’t have been a show.

And I always forget to thank the superb Matt Wexler, our sound guy. I tend to control freak on him and seat everyone myself, but he does the sound and the lights and runs the show so that everyone can relax and just watch the show, and he was great as always. I love him.

Also, definitely our smallest audience so far, but oddly enough, the best show. Dave Reinitz killed it as host, and my other stars, Dana Eagle,Justin Foster, Melissa Villasenor, Michael Rayner, and our fantastic headliner, Carlos Alazraqui, and our special guest drop-in, Maronzio Vance were all beyond amazing.

Before the show, I was embarrassed because I felt like I let down my performers by failing to bring an audience out to see them — but every one of them took the show as seriously as if it were sold out arena, and brought their best material and energy to the show. I walked out of that show jazzed, because that’s what good comedy does to me, and I’m more determined than ever to get people out to these 99% Funnies shows because at the end, I only felt bad for all of the people who had missed it.

Thanks again to my performers and my audience for being so fucking awesome. I love you guys.

Now that you’ve endured that, look at some pretty pictures of our amazing performers from the March 5th show:


Stay tuned for info on our next show, which will take place on March 31st!